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Diabetes at TEDxMaastricht

On Monday April 2nd, the luminaries of the health field came together in Maastricht for the second edition of TEDxMaastricht. TEDxMaastricht is a health focussed sub/local TED event held annually. The 2012 edition was called “The Future of Health” and featured many talks and demonstrations of new health technologies and patient stories. We got an opportunity to be there. There are many posts which have the summary of the talks and you can check one of them here. In this post, we will cover the Diabetes related items from the event.

We heard a talk from a very creative  Dr. Michael Evans (aka DocMikeEvans). He is an innovative doctor from Canada who has teamed with an interdisciplinary group of doctors, film makers, designers to create a company called Health Design Lab and My Favorite Medicine. (The Health Design lab has a Diabetes related page here). He is working on making health information easy to understand for everyone. He has a Diabetes related video “ABCs of Diabetes” which is really good. He is also well known for a video called 23 and 1/2 hours, which has more than 2 million views on Youtube. This video is about the one thing that we can do for our health and is highly relevant for Diabetes as well.

The Games For Health Europe had sponsored an award called “Future of Health Award”. This was an award of €200,000 to be used towards the development of a game that will help in people staying healthy. There were three entries which were useful for diabetics.

Heartville: This is a social game which uses a support group, game play and social media to help people achieve their lifestyle goals. The users play a game on their mobile phone and game play will be driven by actions in real life which are related to their goals. Their primary focus is psychiatric patients but they expect the game to be extended to Diabetes, Hyper tension etc.

Figurerunning: This is a very interesting app which combines art of drawing and running (or walking). The users run/walk and create a map of their run in the shape of an interesting drawing. They will share this drawing with their social networks to get motivation from their friends and family. The app is already available for iTunes here.

Chain of Foods: This is a X-box Kinect game that helps people to understand growing foods and gets people exercise at the same time. The users will grow their foods on their TV using gestures by their body. It is an interesting concept and it is this type of innovation that can transform healthcare.

The winner of the future of health award was Heartville. We congratulate the folks at QLVR and wish them the best of luck!

The next health focussed TED event is the TEDMED 2012 at Washington DC in USA. We plan to be there and give you a summary of what innovations are coming our way from TEDMED.

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