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World Diabetes Day 2012: Hat Tip to the Pioneers

Today is World Diabetes Day. A day for helping raise the awareness of Diabetes. November 14th was chosen since it is the birthday of Sir. Frederick Banting, who produced insulin for the first time. The day was started by International Diabetes Federation and WHO in 1991. Here at Lifely, we would like tip our hat to the various pioneers starting from Sir. Banting, August Krogh and Dr. Permutt. There are also individuals who not doctors but are trying to make a difference in Diabetes like Amy Tenderich of Diabetesmine, Manny...

Posted on Nov 14, 2012

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Lifely + Achievemint = Rewards for Managing Diabetes!

We are happy to release the next version of Lifely app integrated with Achievemint. Achievemint is a rewards platform that provides real life rewards like gift cards, discounts etc for using the Lifely app. You can sign up for Achievemint from within Lifely app and track your progress towards the rewards on dashboard. You can download the updated app from here. Achievemint will work for new users and also for existing users who upgrade the app. You can enable or disable the integration with Achievemint from the...

Posted on Oct 30, 2012

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